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So you want to vacation on Kauai? It’s easy to make a checklist of everything you want to do – snorkel Kauai’s vibrant coral reefs, go for a swim under a cascading waterfall, spend hours engrossed in a delicious novel on a secluded white sand beach, sip fresh coconut water while snacking on locally grown sugarloaf pineapple – the possibilities are endless.

Choosing where to stay is not so easy.

At only 2.5 square miles wide and with access to shopping centers, grocery stores, parks, beaches, and restaurants, Poipu on the sunny south side of Kauai may be just right for you. Poipu’s proximity to the airport and other Kauai attractions make it an easy selection, while its beautiful weather and variety of activities, including golf, scuba diving, zip lining, ATV tours, surfing lessons and more, make it an obvious selection.

The small beach town of Poipu has a population of approximately 1,000 residents that live within Poipu and the neighboring town of Koloa. As one of Kauai’s main visitor destination areas, there are numerous traditional hotels, condominium timeshares, and vacation rentals throughout this area to accommodate visitors.

If privacy, quick in-and-out access, and spacious living quarters is important to you, here are some reasons why you may want to consider a vacation rental in Poipu:


Poipu offers a variety of vacation rental options, from luxury homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean to quaint cottages within walking distance to nearby beaches. Alekona Kauai’s exclusive vacation rentals, including condos and homes, mean experiencing the best accommodations Kauai has to offer in lush, tropical and private settings. Find more information on our well appointed vacation rental properties.

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