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Poipu surf lessons

Surfing is as iconic to Hawaii as hula at a luau. Nearly year-round sunny days and warm water temperatures give Poipu the feel of having seemingly endless summers. No trip to Poipu is complete without trying your hand at surfing at least once. Once you get the feel of walking on water, we can guarantee that you will never want to stop. Check out the best places for Poipu surf lessons!

A one-hour lesson in surfing will have you using muscles you didn’t know exist with a full body, salt water induced workout. The first time you stand up on your surfboard and feel the force of a wave push you all the way to shore you will be hooked. There is no better feeling than when you catch what locals call the “surf stoke.”

Skilled instructors are well trained to keep you comfortable so that you can enjoy your lesson completely. Before you head out to the ocean, the surf instructors will teach you the fundamentals of paddling and standing on land. Then it is time to hit the waves. You start off being pushed by the instructor into waves, where the momentum from their push will have you standing up over and over before gradually learning to paddle into your own wave. With each wave, your instructor will give you pointers and tips of how to improve.

Before you take a surf lesson in Poipu, there’s a few things you should know. Surf lessons take place at Poipu Beach in front of the Kiahuna Beach Resort, where gentle waves break close to shore. These waves are what locals call a “reef break” so wearing water shoes to protect your feet from the coral reef below the water’s surface is recommended. Board shorts are also recommended, as it’s very easy to fall off a wave and need to readjust your bathing suit. Most surf schools provide rash guards, which are shirts that can be worn in the water. Make sure that you bring your sunscreen and a hat if possible to protect yourself from the sun’s powerful rays.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to have fun!  Ready to learn to hang ten?  Let us book your surf lesson.

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