Private chef dinner with Alekona Kauai concierge services

Let’s be real – planning a vacation takes a lot of time and effort.  Alekona Kauai’s private concierge and vacation planning services are exactly what you need for an effortless vacation.  With custom itineraries designed around your interests and desired activity level, your personal vacation planner will listen to your travel aspirations and tailor your trip accordingly.

Alekona Kauai’s concierge works with only the most reputable, professional and skilled vendors, guides and outdoor activity operators on island.  Among the many concierge services are private chefs, car services, and even personal grocery shopping.  We can arrange a wild jungle adventure for unforgettable family memories or a romantic sunset cruise of the 3,000 foot Napali Coast for the honeymooning couple through our reputable contacts.  Individual travelers will relish in morning yoga beach side before retreating to their vacation home for an exotic fruit breakfast of locally grown papayas, starfruit and rambutan.  Whatever your needs are for a dream vacation, Alekona Kauai’s concierge is committed to providing you with impeccable and prompt service.


Here are five reasons why you love a personal concierge with Alekona Kauai:


  1. The Internet can put you on information overload.  The good thing about the internet is that any information you need is readily available.  The downside?  Sometimes there’s too much information, making it even more difficult to sift through the options and arrive at the correct decision.  Online review sites such as yelp or tripadvisor may have you questioning every choice you make.  In fact, one negative review among a majority of positive reviews could change your mind entirely.  Working with a personal concierge means that you won’t ever have to question whether that bad review was an accurate representation of a service or company or just someone having a bad day.


  1. Maximize your time.  Mapping out the perfect itinerary is a form of art perfected by our concierge.  From knowing when is the best time is to make phone calls for reservations, to booking the best table in a restaurant for viewing a Kauai sunset, your concierge has been there and done that.  Your planner will make sure you are not driving from one end of the island to the other in one day, which is at least two hours from end to end, but will plan all activities and reservations where and when they make the most sense.  With private driving services, you can even just sit back and enjoy Kauai’s lush, garden-like splendor.


  1. Local knowledge.  Your personal concierge lives and works on Kauai, which means that Kauai is his or her home.  Their job is to provide their authentic know how into suggesting activities or sightseeing opportunities that you may have overlooked.  They have climbed the same hiking trails that they recommend, dined at the top restaurants and can rattle off house specialties at nearly every restaurant, they can guide you to the right beaches for the activities that you are interested in.  You will discover paradise through their eyes, that in itself is an invaluable service.


  1. Personal connections.  On a small island, sometimes it’s all about who you know.  Alekona’s private concierge takes the time to build personal relationships with reputable companies and their employees.  Getting a highly sought treatment in a spa usually booked weeks in advance is as simple as a magician making a body disappear and reappear again.  A private surf instruction from a former pro surfer…done!  They can make the impossible possible.  And usually through a quick phone call or email.  It’s pure magic.


  1. Stress free travel.  With a personal vacation planner through Alekona Kauai, you will no longer wonder if you remembered to make that reservation, call for a tee time, or if you’ve picked up everything you need at the grocery store.  All of this and more will be handled on your behalf making your vacation what it should be, stress free.


Allow Alekona Kauai to make your trip the ultimate vacation of a lifetime.  Give us a call at 808.977.7400 or email us at