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Poipu Kapili Condos: Perfection in Paradise

There are so many reasons to love the Poipu Kapili condos on Kauai’s sunny shores of Poipu.  This oceanfront property with plantation style villas offers the same panoramic views of a big resort with the amenities and conveniences of staying in your own vacation home.  Poipu Kapili is your ideal rental for a home away from home. Located away from the larger Poipu resorts and other more populated areas, the...

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Where to find an oceanfront vacation rental on Kauai

The essence of Hawai‘i can be found in a luxury oceanfront vacation rental on Kauai.  Balmy sea breezes, the smell of refreshing salt air and the sound of waves crashing outside of your bedroom window are only a few of the reasons why an oceanfront vacation home should be your first choice for accommodations. On an island with vastly different weather patterns, there are many options of where to stay...

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Kauai’s Luxury Vacation Rental Market

Kauai’s luxury vacation rentals are a natural complement to the island’s utopic garden-like beauty. Well-appointed, state-of-the-art custom built homes are available from the north to the south shore, all offering a different style of island living. Kauai’s natural topography offers many different types of retreats, from a hidden jungle villa to an estate situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Or go for a quick stroll from your front...

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Poipu Vacation Rentals in Kauai, Hawaii

So you want to vacation on Kauai? It’s easy to make a checklist of everything you want to do – snorkel Kauai’s vibrant coral reefs, go for a swim under a cascading waterfall, spend hours engrossed in a delicious novel on a secluded white sand beach, sip fresh coconut water while snacking on locally grown sugarloaf pineapple – the possibilities are endless. Choosing where to stay is not so easy....

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